Meet our experts at Probiota Europe - Lesaffre Human Care
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Meet our experts at Probiota Europe

Meet our experts at Probiota Europe

As a key player in the probiotic field, Lesaffre Human Care is investing in the long-term to substantiate the benefits of its probiotic yeasts and bacteria and to provide high-quality innovative ingredients that meet the needs of dietary supplements as well as functional foods and beverages manufacturers.


This February, Lesaffre Human Care will be attending to a major scientific event to present their latest innovations in this field. Probiota Europe, where you can discover Lynside® VAGINACTIV Oral, our new range of innovative ingredients specifically designed to help women fight recurring vaginal infections caused by pathogenic yeast Candida albicans. This natural day to day solution has been scientifically proven to protect the vaginal epithelium and accelerate C. albicans clearance.


The show will also be the occasion for Lesaffre Human Care to present its range of probiotic yeasts and bacteria backed by strong science and developed in an effort to address some of consumers’ most prevalent health concerns, such abdominal discomfort with ibSium®, breakthrough proprietary ingredient; immune health support with LifeinU Bacillus subtilis CU1.


The company will also be featuring some of the world’s most documented probiotics they offer such as LifeinU L. rhamnosus GG for immune and digestive health and Lynside® Pro SCB (S. c. boulardii) for improved gastrointestinal well-being and diarrhea management.


Discover the complete programme of Probiota Europe.