Lesaffre Human Care launching officially a new women’s health ingredient and featuring Lynside® ProteYn at Vitafoods 2017 – Stand I32

Lesaffre Human Care (LHC) will officially launch two innovative and unique ingredients which have demonstrated efficacy on vaginal health in recent studies. Lynside® VAGINACTIV oral is a probiotic yeast offered as a natural solution to help manage vaginal infections such as those caused by Candida albicans and, in the long term, prevent recurrence. VAGINACTIV Local offers the same benefits but is an inactivated yeast ingredient designed for vaginal application in medical devices.

LHC will also feature Lynside® ProteYn, the first yeast protein on the market. Containing all essential including branched-chain amino acids, Lynside® ProteYn is a complete protein, perfect for people looking at enhancing their protein intake with non-animal protein sources.

In addition to rolling out this game-changing source of protein, Lesaffre Human Care will also showcase its range of probiotic ingredients designed to address some of the most prevalent consumers’ health concerns and backed by strong scientific and clinical data: Lynside® Pro SCB (S.c. var boulardii), ibSium®LifeinU™ L. rhamnosus GG, LifeinU™ Bacillus subtilis CU1.

Meet with us in Geneva stand I32 to discuss the company’s extended health-promoting ingredients offering.