Lynside® Forte B 100 EU

Lynside® Forte B100 EU is an inactive dried yeast with added vitamins, thus forming a B complex formula of 8 essential B vitamins.

100% of the EU-NRV in B Vitamins are covered with 1 capsule a day containing 225 mg of Lynside® Forte B100 EU.

EU claims are applicable by using only 35 mg of Lynside® Forte B100 EU.

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How to use it ? *

225 mg covers ~100% of EU-NRV in:

    • thiamine [B1 vitamin]
    • riboflavin [B2 vitamin]
    • niacin [B3 vitamin]
    • pantothenic acid [B5 vitamin]
    • pyridoxine [B6 vitamin]
    • biotin [B8 vitamin]
    • folic acid [B9 vitamin]
    • cyanocobalamin [B12 vitamin]

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