Lynside® Forte Se +

Saccharomyces cerevisiae is grown in presence of sodium selenite, which enriches the yeast with organic selenium, mainly L selenomethionine. This organically bound selenium is two times higher bioavailable and less toxic than inorganic forms and it maintains selenium levels for longer periods of time in the body.

Selenium has an antioxidant effect; is necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system, the brain and the prostate; acts on the metabolism of the thyroid hormones; contributes to normal cardiovascular functioning, to the growth of hair and nails…

The EFSA gave a positive opinion on Lesaffre’s selenium enriched yeast.

For more information on selenium and selenium-enriched yeast, please read the article 'Dietary selenium and selenized yeast' by Gunnard Jacobson, PhD, Lesaffre Yeast Corporation.

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How to use it ? *

  • 12,5mg Lynside Forte Se+ 2000 (~50% EU NRV in selenium)

* This data is communicated by Lesaffre Human Care for information only – It can only be used in accordance to the regulations.