Lynside® Nutri: the traditional superfood

Lynside® NUTRI is a range of primary-grown inactive dried yeasts (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) manufactured in Western Europe. As opposed to “brewer’s” yeasts obtained as by-products of beer manufacturing, Lesaffre Human Care’s nutritional yeasts are produced for their nutritive value.

Lesaffre Human Care’s nutritional yeasts are:

  • an excellent source of non-animal protein (close to 50%), perfect for vegan-friendly diets
  • a reliable source of B vitamins, dietary fibers and minerals (K, P, Zn…)
  • a great nutritional ‘partner’ for everyone who has the desire to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • a great fit for individuals with special needs (athletes, the elderly, pregnant women, etc.)
  • made with GMO-free ingredients

Lesaffre Human Care now offers 3 versions of this traditional superfood, available in several forms depending on the product - flakes (FL), powder (PW) and coarse particles (GG):


  • Lynside® Nutri Optimum (FL – PW – GG): Certified gluten-free
  • Lynside® Nutri Optimalt (FL – GG): Offering a delicious roasted-nut flavor thanks to the addition of malt extract
  • NEW! Lynside® Nutri Organic (FL – PW): Certified Organic by Ecocert (FR-BIO-01) and gluten-free, it provides the same well-balanced nutritional profile as its conventional counterparts. The production of this high quality organic yeast is made possible by a fine-tuned, perfectly mastered manufacturing process and carefully selected organic raw materials.

Recommended use: FL – to be directly sprinkled on food or used in cooking / PW & GG – to be incorporated into functional foods or dietary supplements (e.g.: capsules, tablets)


With Lynside® Nutri, boost your daily nutrition !

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The information provided here is, to the best of our knowledge, true and accurate. However, our product must only be used in compliance with local laws and regulations. We cannot guarantee its freedom of use for every intended application or country.