Yeasts, a new innovative ingredient for vaginal health

Vaginal discomfort can severely affect women’s quality of life through disabling symptoms such as itching, burning, smelly vaginal discharge, etc. Although triggers can vary, one of the most common is the use of antibiotics which induces a disruption of the vaginal microbiota composition, thus favoring the overgrowth of pathogens such as Candida albicans over Lactobacilli, which are the most prominent microorganisms in a healthy vaginal flora.

This unbalance creates suitable conditions for the development of a vaginal infection called vulvovaginal candidiasis. With over 75% of women worldwide experiencing at least one episode in their life, it is definitely the most prevalent vaginal condition affecting women in childbearing age.

For vaginal health, Lesaffre Human Care provides the following products:

  Lynside® VAGINACTIV Oral, unique on the market, this probiotic yeast caters to the needs of these women with scientifically proven efficacy.

  VAGINACTIV Local, this tyndallized specific yeast, used in medical devices, offers a local solution, baked by the scientific community.

* Tyndallization is a unique and optimized process: S. cerevisiae probiotic cells are inactivated by a specific heat-based treatment to preserve their mechanical effect.