Lesaffre and DigestScience…
a natural alliance against digestive pathologies

Lesaffre: a company committed to health and nutrition

Lesaffre, a food manufacturing group established over 150 years ago and the global leader in baker’s yeast and yeast extracts, has turned decisively towards the very promising Nutrition & Health sector by seeking to highlight its products (living probiotic yeast, inactive yeast, yeast fractions, lactic bacteria, and more) and its technologies (fermentation, extraction, purification and drying).

Significant efforts in R&D, and in particular in the form of partnerships, have been recognized by the competitive research Cluster NSL (Nutrition, Health and Longevity) and by the French government. Two business units, Lesaffre Human Care and Lesaffre Feed Additives, participate in screening and short listing research projects, and they develop products which they promote commercially such as probiotics.

DigestScience, the first foundation dedicated to digestive pathologies

Crippling, chronic, painful and taboo: digestive pathologies now affect a significant part of the population. Not very well known and mainly incurable, digestive pathologies constitute a major public health problem.

Created on the initiative of doctors and scientists, the DigestScience Foundation has emerged from a desire to improve the daily life of patients affected by digestive pathologies, to finance a new form of research and to develop the education of healthcare professionals. DigestScience is the first foundation of public utility in France fully dedicated to research on digestive pathologies and nutrition. Its role is to unite and foster new axes of research to ease the suffering of millions of patients around the world.

Why does Lesaffre support DigestScience?

The Lesaffre Group, a founding member of the DigestScience Foundation, is one of its leading financial supporters. The reason for that is the fact that the aims of this Foundation match up perfectly with the main areas of Lesaffre’s human and animal Nutrition & Health products: probiotics and prebiotics at the service of digestive pathologies treatment.

Indeed, yeast and yeast fractions have very promising properties in the digestive environment:

  • They are resistant to industrial processing, the gastro-intestinal tract and antibiotics.
  • They improve digestive comfort.
  • They have beneficial actions with regards to immunity, infections, inflammations and more.

The high quality of the human resources and available equipment of this foundation augurs excellent development and growth.

For more information about DigestScience, visit DigestScience website